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DemetriXXX » Pornstar Blog

Episode 4 - The Regular

The fourth instalment of Muff Driver features red head beauty Paige Ashley.

Bored with the lack of attention she gets from her extremely wealthy but extremely old husband Paige indulges herself with two distractions… Spending her hubby’s dough and fucking the shit out of her driver.

Demetrixxx Paige Ashley 11  Demetrixxx Paige Ashley 10  Demetrixxx Paige Ashley 9

Demetrixxx Paige Ashley  Demetrixxx Paige Ashley 6  Demetrixxx Paige Ashley 3

Demetrixxx Paige Ashley 2  Demetrixxx Paige Ashley 7  Demetrixxx Paige Ashley 4

Paige is really easy to work with and enjoys cock nearly as much as I enjoy pussy!  Now that’s a formula for a top notch scene.

Double thumbs up!!!

Demetrixxx Paige Ashley 8

This episode is currently showing on Sky adult channel 901 but you can also catch the explicit version here.

8 / July / 2011  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)

Muff Driver…

Muff Driver, my new series I produced and directed for Playboy TV/ Adult channel Sky 901, is currently airing and I forgot to let you all know about it… What a plonker!!

I was flicking through the channels last night, as you do,  and there it was already on episode 3.

So bringing you up to speed, Muff Driver is a series that follows the antics and sexual adventures of a Driver (me) to the filthy rich and super glamorous.  It’s a bit of a porn’d up version of the film Alfie.

Like my last production for Playboy “Demetri’s Fantasy Fuck Sluts” the series went really smoothly and I’m immensely grateful for the hard work, professionalism and enthusiasm my performers and crew put into the project.

The film is shot ‘as a day in the life of’ and starts off with me having a flashback recounting a story of a job taking a bride to her wedding…

Episode 1 - “The Bride”

Demetrixxx karlie simon 8  Demetrixxx karlie simon 1  Demetrixxx karlie simon 7  Demetrixxx karlie simon 2

Demetrixxx karlie simon 3 Demetrixxx karlie simon 5  Demetrixxx karlie simon 11 

Demetrixxx karlie simon 9  Demetrixxx karlie simon 4  Demetrixxx karlie simon 10

I cast Karlie Simon as the bride because she has that young, sweet innocent look.  Well, she’s young and sweet… Innocent?? Not totally convinced about that but hey lets not get bogged down with minor details.

The story goes like this… I’m driving her to her wedding when she starts having doubts about getting married.  She tells me her family have pressured her into it becuase he’s got money.  She complains that her husband to be is old and can’t even get it up.  Think you all know where this is going… Best line of the episode-

Karlie - “Fuck the wedding I’m young… Lets have some fun”

Great scene, fantastic girl.

Episode 2 - “The Workout…”

This scene was wicked as I got to shoot it at my gym with the gorgeous Megan Coxx and Paige Fox.  I had a wry smile on my face the following day watching the lads using the bench and mats I was banging all over the day before… haha

Demetrixxx Megan Coxx Paige Fox  Demetrixxx Megan Coxx Paige Fox 3  Demetrixxx Megan Coxx Paige Fox 4 

Demetrixxx Megan Coxx Paige Fox 2  Demetrixxx Megan Coxx Paige Fox 7  Demetrixxx Megan Coxx Paige Fox 69

Demetrixxx Megan Coxx Paige Fox 9  Demetrixxx Megan Coxx Paige Fox 8  Demetrixxx Megan Coxx Paige Fox 10 

The story here is simple.  Picking up my client (Megan the gym instructor) from the gym she decides to finish off her workout on me with the aid of her student.  Fortunatey Paige is a fast learner and we get a nice bit of tag team fucking here.  It’s all very lovely.

Episode 3 - “High Flyer”

“Kerry Louise is a high flying business exec.  After closing a multi million pound deal she needs to celebrate and calls upon her driver Demetri to show her a fucking good time.”

demetrixxx kerry louise muff driver  demetrixxx kerry louise  demetrixxx kerry louise 8

demetrixxx kerry louise 3  demetrixxx kerry louise 2  demetrixxx kerry louise 5

demetrixxx kerry louise 4  demetrixxx kerry louise 7  demetrixxx kerry louise 6

I love working with Kerry, not just for her obvious quality attributes, but because she’s game and gives just as good as she gets.   My kinda gal ;)

So there you go you’re now up to speed of where we’re at with the series.  You can catch up and watch the explicit versions here.

I’ll update on the next two episodes when they air on Sky channel 901.  Episode 4 “The Regular” starring sex on legs Paige Ashley airs next week so keep an eye out peeps and dont forget to let me know what you think xxx

16 / June / 2011  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)

Subaru Challenge…

Yia Sas, Bonjour and ‘ello…

Thought I’d do a quick post on something other than the usual and tell you about the Subaru Challenge I took up the other day with my bro.

As a birthday treat for my big bruv I signed us up to a rally training course at a track just outside Silverstone.   Now we’ve both done track days in the past both in single seaters and supercars but that’s all on tarmac and as long as you understand basic racing lines its generally a piece of piss.

Rallying on the otherhand is a completely different ball game and requires a higher level of car control compounded by the fact that you’re hammering around on loose surfaces.  The racing lines are completely different and the use of throttle control to steer the car round the track is an art all of its own and feels amazing when you get it right.

Our weapon of choice was the Subaru Impreza - a legend in the rallying world.

Rally 1  Rally 5  Rally 2  Rally 4

Rally 3  Rally 6  Rally 7  

We had a fantastic time and will definately be going again to polish our newly learnt skills…

I also managed to scoop the driver of the day prize… A bottle of Champers!!


Haha think I may have just discovered my exit strategy from porn…

11 / May / 2011  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)

It’s SHAFTA Time!!!

banner shafta big t seems like only yesterday Television X were announcing the winners of their much coveted SHAFTA awards.  It’s a cliche I know but time does fly when you’re having fun and I can hardly believe that the nominations are up already for this year’s SHAFTA contenders.

Regular followers will know I was thrilled and super proud when I won the Male Performer title last year.  I remember it being a crazzzzy night of celebrations where the following morning, with no sleep and for no apparant reason, I ended up staggering into my doctor’s rather elegant and prestigious Harley street clinic totally dishelveled, reeking of booze golden cock trophy in hand.  “Christian…” I yelled… My doctor looking a tad nervous behind his desk… “I won!!”  Fortunatley my doc being the cool guy he is didn’t feel the need to call security much to the dismay of the clinic’s other staff and patients.  He gave me a pat on the back and I was on my way.

Next stop… Mums…

Mum, although pleased for my success, wasn’t really impressed with me plonking my magnificent golden cock right in front of her on top of the tv… Especially whilst she was watching the Wright Stuff!  In hindsight it wasn’t the best way of telling her about my glorious victory, but you’ll be pleased to know she’s now made a full recovery.

Anyway, who knows what this year’s shenanigans will bring?! I’m up for best male again and would love it if you guys voted for me.  Not sure how the old dear would feel about that but hey…

vote now 2

I’ve gotta say It’s been one hell of a year with TVX and as well as being up for best male I also feel privileged to have been involved in three of the channels nominated films.

Unit XXX - Directed by Kaizen XXX  - Best Spoof

Unit XXX  Unit XXX 4  Unit XXX 3  Unit XXX 2 

Frustrated Housewives - Directed Pure XXX - Best Spoof

Frustrated Housewives  Frustrated Housewives 2  Frustrated Housewives 3  Frustrated Housewives 4 

Road Warriors - Directed By Kaizenxxx - Best Spoof

Road Warriors  Road Warriors 2  Road Warriors 3

The Male performer category this year has a good cross section of guys from the UK scene.  Obvioulsy the guys selected are chosen for the body of work they’ve done just for Television X but as the channel tends to use the cream of the crop it’s fair to say that the  nominess reflect who’s at the top of their game.  Credit also due to the likes of Clarke Kent and Jamie B who missed out on the nominations this year but who both continue to knock out some blinding scenes.

Now of course I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you all to VOTE FOR ME ,but fair’s fair,  you need to be able to make an informed decision.  Here’s TVX’s You Tube Promo on all the runners and below my own little rundown on the competition…

Danny D is relatively new to the straight scene, about a year I think, and is the youngest of the nominees.  He’s a likeable lad with a freakishly long schlong that makes it impossible for him not to get noticed.  I’ve only actually worked alongside him the once in Unit XXX but with that kind of tool at his disposal he makes for a formidable competitor.  If Danny doesn’t pick up the gong this year he’ll no doubt be one to watch out for in the future.

Tony James a veteren in the porn biz and a solid performer.  I know Tony very well having worked alongside him in loads of scenes.  As well as his successes on Television X with shows like Motorhome Mingers, Tony does particularly well on the amateur circuit with his non threatening guy next door look and no job too small attitude. Tony is one of the busiest performers on the circuit.

Mark Sloan is in my opinion the most gifted in the acting department.  The porn industry has always had bad press with regard to the general standard of acting ability in XXX movies, and with good reason I may add.  However Mark is one of the few guys who can actually pull it off and therefore will always add value to a produciton.  He is knocking on a bit now though but a deserved contender none the less! haha

Pascal White the bonking Belgium has been around the longest of all the nominees.  His accent always gets the girls and his role as Ben Dovers side kick over the years shows he’s happy playing the fool.  In the end it’s Pascal who has the last laugh as he ploughs his way through all the industry’s top totty.

So there you have it, that’s the competition… As for ME?… Well if you’re here and you’ve been following my blog then I guess you know all there is to know.  Quick recap?  Ok.  Current holder of the SHAFTA crown and defending my title.  Also the only UK based male nominated in the 2011 AVN best foreign male category.  I rest my case!  ;-)

Best of luck to all the nominees.

4 / February / 2011  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)

AEE Expo & AVN’s…

There’s a saying “Work hard Play hard”…. Well, when it rolls round to AVN time in Vegas the peeps in the porn industry take this mantra very seriously!

It was a hardcore week of celebrating all that is adult and a fine excuse to party and network at the same time. My personal highlights included hanging out with US performers Madelyn Marie and Dylan Ryder on the Bluebird stand as well as enjoying the company of Anna Lovato, Gemma Massey, Lyndsey Dawn Mckenzie and Natasha Marley.

AVN 6  AVN 9  AVN 6  

AVN 3  AVN 4  AVN 7  AVN 12

It was cool to see that the Brit contingent were well received and nice to bump into some of my brit friends including hot milf Tanya Tate who was signing for Girlfriend films…


The AVNs itself was fun but unfortunately I didn’t manage to bag the best foreign male trophy… That honour went to Rocco Siffredi… Again!! Haha, still, no shame in getting beat by the living legend that is Rocco.  I’ll be gunning for him next year though so watch out Rocco my friend!

I will glean a little credit though from the fact that Bluebird films did scoop a bunch of awards including best parody/ drama for Batfxxx and best foreign feature for Alice: A Fairy Love Tale of which I performed in both… Hoorah!!!  Well done to Paul Chaplin who won best director for foreign feature Department S, Mission One - City of broken Angels making it the second consecutive year he has won the title.

AVN  AVN 2  AVN 1  AVN 10

I gotta say that my favourite night of partying though had to be with the lovely Inari Vachs. She is making a comeback in the industry after being away for 8 years and from what I can tell she’s gonna go down a storm!  She took me to Jenna Haze’s party at Haze in Aria where it got very messy indeed.  Thank you ladies x

AVN 5  AVN 11

Finally, no trip to Vegas for me would be complete without a little tribute to the King…  It would have been his birthday on the 8th so cheers …. Viva Elvis!


16 / January / 2011  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)

Kerry Louise - Police Officer…

“In the final episode of Demetri’s fantasy fuck sluts Demetri’s fantasy is to bang a policewoman.  Kerry Louise obliges in taking on the role… What happens next is pure unadulterated filth!”

Demetrixxx Kerry Louise  Demetrixxx Kerry Louise 2  Demetrixxx Kerry Louise 3

Kerry Louise is dynamite!  I couldn’t think of anyone better to star in the closing scene of my series. She’s in the best shape of her life and fucks like an athlete.  I pride myself on my stamina and train hard to put in strong performaces but Kerry can certainly give me a run for my money.  Just Awesome!!

As in the last episode with Syren I somehow ended up dressing up with Kerry and donned the costume of a convict.  Well why not I say…

Demetrixxx Kerry Louise 5  Demetrixxx Kerry Louise 6  Demetrixxx Kerry Louise 9  Demetrixxx Kerry Louise 8

Demetrixxx Kerry Louise 10  Demetrixxx Kerry Louise 11  Demetrixxx Kerry Louise 12

The feeback I’ve had from this series has been brilliant and I’m really pleased with the results.  Again I would like to say a massive thank you to all my lovely ladies who performed at the top of their game and to my crew (Easywood Productions) who shot and edited the series just as I envisaged.  Special thanks to Playboy and  Bluebird Films without whom none of this would have been possible and of course Dave Wells whose expertise was integral to its success.

Airs this Saturday 8th Jan, channel SKY 901 at midnight.

Here’s to the next one…

4 / January / 2011  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)

Syren Sexton - Air Hostess

“Syren Sexton is the trolley dolly who loves nothing more than a good hard pounding.  Fortunately for her the pilot on this flight is Captain Demetri.  Brace yourselves ladies and gents this is fucking at its horniest.”

Demetrixxx Air Hostess 16  Demetrixxx Air Hostess 11  Demetrixxx Air Hostess 12

And your Pilot…

Demetrixxx Air Hostess 13  Demetrixxx Air Hostess 14  Demetrixxx Air Hostess 15

The penultimate episode of my series explores the merits of the good old fashioned Air Hostess fantasy.  Syren looks horny as fuck in her uniform and puts in a performance that you would come to expect from SHAFTA’s female performer of the year.  She is pure SEX!

The funny thing about this scene was that I wasn’t supposed to dress up.  The whole premise of the series is about bloke’s fantasies.  Syren being Syren however insisted that if she was gonna be an air hostess then I should be a pilot.  (It was kind of her own fantasy).  Being the accommodating guy I am and bearing in mind I was shooting at Bluebird studios, who have an extensive wardrobe department, I took on the role.

The crew were pissing themselves as I was “preparing myself” for the scene in my full pilot ensemble…

Demetrixxx Air Hostess 3

Haha… Anyway here’s some action shots…

Demetrixxx Air Hostess 4  Demetrixxx Air Hostess 5  Demetrixxx Air Hostess 6

Demetrixxx Air Hostess 10  Demetrixxx Air Hostess 9  Demetrixxx Air Hostess 8  Demetrixxx Air Hostess 7

This episode is airing this Saturday 1st Jan at Midnight on the Adult Channel Sky 901.  Happy New Year my friends xxx

28 / December / 2010  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)

Valery Summer - School girl…

“Valery Summer looks super hot dressed in her school uniform for Demetri.  It’s a fantasy most all guys would no doubt share… Join them as they fuck each others brains out in this classroom classic.”

Demetrixxx Valery Summer  Demetrixxx Valery Summer 2  Demetrixxx Valery Summer 3

Right or wrong we all love the school girl look.  I had to be very careful with this particular episode though and make it clear from the outset that Valery wasn’t actually a school girl and that she is over 18.

Valery’s gorgeous latina looks made it extremely difficult for me not to bolt early.  By some miracle I did manage to hold it together for the scene but was gutted when it was all over… I wanted to keep hold of her for much much longer.  Still, there’s always next time…

Demetrixxx Valery Summer 8  Demetrixxx Valery Summer 9  Demetrixxx Valery Summer 7

Demetrixxx Valery Summer 6  Demetrixxx Valery Summer 5  Demetrixxx Valery Summer 4

Tune in to the adult channel Sky 901 this Saturday 25th Dec at Midnight and have a Very Horny Christmas!!!

22 / December / 2010  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)

Tammie Lee - Secretary

“The only thing that breaks up the monotony of a 9-5 is the possibility of banging the fit office secretary.  Enter Demetri who turns our fantasy into a reality in this desk top fucking fiasco.”

Demetrixxx Tammie lee 1  Demetrixxx Tammie lee 2  Demetrixxx Tammie lee 3

Tammie stars in the second episode of my series Demetri’s Fantasy Fuck Sluts which airs this Saturday 18th Dec at midnight on Playboys Adult channel 901.  There’s something about the secretary look that drives me nuts and Tammie really knows how to pull it off with those long legs, smouldering brown eyes and that general come fuck me look…

All the girls in this series are amongst my favourite in the business as I’d personally cast them myself.  You can really see the chemistry between us in this scene which I think adds to the overall hornyness!!!

Demetrixxx Tammie lee 4  Demetrixxx Tammie lee 5  Demetrixxx Tammie lee 8
Demetrixxx Tammie lee 10  Demetrixxx Tammie lee 9  Demetrixxx Tammie lee 7

Thanks Tammie for a great scene.  I’m sure your fans will love it xxx

14 / December / 2010  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)

Demetri’s Fantasy Fuck Sluts…

Super excited to tell you all that my new series “Demetris Fantasy Fuck Sluts” which I produced for Playboy TV starts this Saturday 11th Dec!!!

The show focuses on the very hot fantasies that most men drool over in everyday life… From the fit secretary in the office that everybody wants to bang, the trolly dolly on that tiring flight; the naughty school girl (enough said); A stunning Stripper and a Copper who gets her just deserves!

Here’s the promo -

Unalbe to show flash video

The series kicks of with the “Stripper” starring the drop dead gorgeous Brooke Jameson.

Demetrixxx Brooke Jameson 6 Demetrixxx Brooke Jameson Demetrixxx Brooke Jameson 7
Demetrixxx Brooke Jameson 3 Demetrixxx Brooke Jameson 4 Demetrixxx Brooke Jameson 5 Demetrixxx Brooke Jameson 2

Brooke was perfect for the role not just because of her obvious assets but because she is actually a stripper.  I fucking love strippers!

Anyway…  I’ve gotta say that I thouroughly enjoyed the creative freedom and control of producing my own line from picking the girls and storyboarding the scenarios right through to getting the right soundtrack.  Thanks to my boy Mams Taylor who provided all the music for the film without which it just wouldn’t feel the same.

I’m gonna be concentrating more on production in the new year so I’m open to suggestions on which girls you would like me to feature as well as what ideas turn you on… Just send in your comments.

The series runs every Saturday night for the next 5 weeks on Playboys Adult Channel.  I’ll keep you updated with pictures and details as we move through the series. Enjoy.

8 / December / 2010  Pornstar Blog  Comments (0)
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